Water Seperator

Fittings: Yes


Protect your pump from air quality issues.

The water separator removes moisture from the compressed air supply to prevent damage to your pump.  Moisture in the air supply is one of the most common causes of pump failure.  Even if you have a dryer installed near your compressor, condensation can form in the air lines running to your equipment.  But a water separator removes moisture right at the unit, so there's no time for more condensation to form.

The water separator:

  • Removes large amounts of moisture
  • Removes water and oil to 10 microns
  • Protects air operated pump and other components
  • Has a float drain which ejects water and oil from the large drain sump

Two versions available:

  • Standard version does not include any fittings.
  • Assembled version includes air fitting and union fitting to make the water separator easy to install in the field.



Up to 250 psi (17 bar) and 20 cfm (566 l/min)



TUBING/FITTING SIZES 1/4 in. FPT inlet and outlet ports
MOISTURE REMOVAL Water and oil to 10 micron


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