Heavy Duty Water Gun

Color: Green



The Heavy Duty Water Gun is suitable for cleaning floors and machinery, and for rinsing off work surfaces and walls after chemical foaming. Determine the jet pattern by squeezing the rubber insulated trigger. Adjust the water jet with a screw at the end of the gun. An arrow on the gun shows the water spray direction. Use 0712 1/2" or 0715 3/4" hose nipples, which can be screwed into the bottom of the gun. You need one of these nipples to connect a hose to the gun.


Colors Available   Green, Blue, Red, White, Yellow and Black


5.7 in.
Width 7.1 in.
Height 2.25 in.
Weight 1.76 lbs.
Max. Temp. 203ºF
Grip Material Rubber 
Additional Materials Brass/Stainless Steel 


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