Vikan Hook Brush - Medium

Color: Yellow



Vikan Logo This product is made from FDA compliant raw materials.This product is autoclave safe.This product is dishwasher safe.Product has Stiff bristles.

Cleaning between and around pipes is made easier with the curved design of the hook brush. The hand grip utilizes a threaded recess on the end that allows another handle to be connected to the brush. When connected to a Vikan handle, the extended hook brush allows comfortable cleaning of pipes in high or difficult to reach areas. The brush bristles are secured with noncorrosive stainless steel wires, helping increase longevity. All materials are FDA compliant, and the grip matches the bristle color for easy integration into a color-coding program.


Colors Available 

Green, Blue, Red, White, Yellow, Orange, Black

Length 15.5 in.
Width 2.25 in.
Height 7.6 in.
Weight 0.35 lbs.
Max. Temp. 250ºF
Thread Type
Euro (Hygienic)
Block Material
Bristle Material Polyester
Additional Materials Stainless Steel 


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