Restore 10 - Floor Finish Restorer & Spray Buff (NL170)

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Restore 10 is a dual purpose floor enhancer and buffing compound which restores the gloss and appearance to any floor. Use as a mop on floor restorer for high speed and propane burnishing programs and also as a spray buffing compound for high and low speed buffing. Can be used on any floor and will increase gloss, appearance and durability. Highly mark resistant, it will harden, restore, and reinvigorate finishes that are worn from repeated buffing and burnishing. Use of Restore 10 creates a more even level of appearance and extend the life cycle of any finish, lowering the overall cost of floor maintenance.

Slip Resistance is greater than 0.5% coefficient of friction. Meets or exceeds ASTM D-2047.


  • Floor restorer
  • Spray buff for low speed and high speed
  • Brilliant gloss
  • Mark resistant
  • Can be recoated

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