Delivery Vehicle Exterior Wash Set




The Delivery Vehicle Wash Set is great for cleaning smaller commercial vehicles like box trucks and delivery vans. This set contains 1 x 524752, 1 x 707852, 1 x 545252, 1 x 297152Q, and 1 x 0703US.


Vikan 11" Waterfed High/Low Washing Brush- Soft/Split, Transport Line - Black

With its angled bristle design, this waterfed Washing Brush maintains contact with surfaces during washing, and is compatible with a selection of Vikan waterfed telescopic handles.

Vikan 14" Wipe-N-Shine, Transport Line - Green

Wipe-N-Shine effectively removes water residue and limescale deposits from washed and painted surfaces.

Vikan 9" Waterfed Rim Brush- Soft/Split, Transport Line - Black

Effectively clean double and single steel wheels on trucks, buses and coaches, with this large waterfed Rim Cleaner.

Vikan 42"- 63" Waterfed Telescopic Handle w/ Quick Disconnect Fitting, Transport Line - Black

This professional telescopic waterfed handle is shorter, making it ideal for use on passenger vehicles and small trucks. insulated sleeve for a comfortable grip and a quick-release hose connector. Maximum water pressure, 87 psi.

Automatic Shut Off Coupling

This coupling connects a standard US 0.75" hose to a Vikan quick-disconnect handle or tool.


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