Trax-Buster - Ice Melt Film Dissolver (NL174)

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Trax-Buster neutralizes and removes the harmful and unsightly white haze found on floors after using ice melting compounds. Protects and extends the life of any floor finish and restores its shine, gloss, and beauty. Prolongs the time period between ‘strip-outs,’ saving time, labor, and money. Use on hard floors or in extraction machines to remove sticky ‘salt’ residue from carpets and entrance matting. Ideal to remove ice melt residue from any surface exposed to ice melting and salt compounds. Use to neutralize and condition floors after stripping to ensure superior bonding and performance of floor sealers and coatings.


  • Neutralizes harmful ice melt residue
  • Prolongs the life/beauty of any floor
  • Use on hard floors and carpets
  • Use to neutralize salt residue on wood, concrete, and metal, including hydraulic lines

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