Coil Cleaner - Air Conditioner Coil & Fin Cleaner (NL294)

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Size: 12 X 1 Round Quart Case
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Coil Cleaner removes the accumulation of soils, dirt, and oxidation film from coils and fins on air conditioning units, humidifiers, condensers, and heat exchange equipment. When coils and fins are clean, air circulates more fully and the systems operate and cool more efficiently. This improves the overall performance of the cooling system and will help lower electrical costs. Regular use with central air conditioning systems as well as with window or portable units will help keep them running at peak performance levels.

Packaging Sizes:

  • 12 X 1 Round Quart Case
  • 4 X 1 Round Gallon Case

Click Here to view video on How To Clean Air Conditioner Coils 

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