Drum and Tote Sticks

Size: 33"
Material: VITON


Drum Sticks and Tote Sticks are chemical pick-up assemblies for use with pump operated or venturi systems to draw chemical concentrates or diluted chemical solution directly from a drum, tote or holding tank. Comes complete with a Hastelloy chemical strainer, polypropylene chemical check valve (with a choice of EPDM or Viton seals) and a selection of polypropylene hose barbs to connect to the most common sizes of hose or tube. Custom lengths are available on request.

Designed for superior performance and industrial strength use, Drum and Tote Sticks are a valuable addition to every chemical installation.

  • To keep trash out of the chemical concentrate and to guard against spillage or interference, Lafferty Drum Sticks include a polypropylene drum bung adapter, machined to fit both coarse or fine-threaded bung holes. Tote Sticks include a polypropylene tote cover.
  • Sliding Drum bung adapter and tote cover allow for easy depth adjustment of the Drum and Tote Sticks
  • Chemical/Acid resistant polypropylene construction
  • Connects to chemical pick-up tubes fitted to any venturi applicator or chemical pumping system - includes 4 polypropylene hose barbs, covering the most common hose and tube sizes
  • Rigid 3/4" polypropylene pipe overcomes problems common with flexible tubing and facilitates high volume pumping
  • Hastelloy strainer easily accessible for cleaning
  • Choice of Viton or EPDM seals. 

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